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Thicker than Water

Violence against Women

In the seven years the festival runs, filmmakers from Israel and the world sent us many films dealing with violence against women, and especially sexual abuse. We noted that this was a popular subject among filmmakers for two main reasons: because fearing rape is a feeling that escorts women from their early childhood, and many women carry with them the experience of some kind of sexual assault; and because cinema deals with representations, motifs and connotations of rape since its creation, mostly as a sensational visual event, or as a vessel for didactic messages.

As the world film industry is almost purely masculine (94%) and the infiltration of women into it is slow, women filmmakers have a deep urge, which might be their greatest challenge, to try to reclaim and retell the story, find a new cinematic language for it, protest and create a true alternative for representing rape and its meaning in film.

Sexual Violence in Films - Ethics and a New Cinematic Language
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Violence against Women


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