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Back and Forth

Israel, 2010

Four Bedouin directors create an internal unprecedented documentary of Bedouin society of our time.

About forty years ago, the Israeli government started to move Bedouin tribes into permanent dwellings. The forced transition and the renouncement of nomad lifestyle have left large parts of Bedouin society in despair. While they try to move forward and progress, they are still held back by desert traditions and discriminated by the Israeli establishment and society at large. Coworking with Filmmaker Uri Rosenwaks, who founded a film class in the Bedouin city Rahat, the four directors present short films intertwined with rare archive materials which shed light on the history of the Bedouin minority in Israel.

May Alfrawna does not hesitate to criticize the place designated for women in Bedouin society; Kamla Abu Zeila documents her children's first encounter with the sea, and exposes the sad circumstances which lead young Bedouins to drown; Yusra Abu Kaff portrays the story of a teenage Bedouin girl who is forced by her parents to discontinue her schooling; and Morad Alfrawna follows the campaign of his father, Nasser, for the local council of Rahat, inspired by Barack Obama.

Documentary  | Video  |  55   Minutes  |  Color  |  Hebrew, Arabic, English, Hebrew and English subtitles

Director: Yusra Abu Kaff, Kamla Abu Zeila, Morad Alfrawn, May Alfrawna
Cinematography: Huria Abu Zeila, Aidah Abu Zeila
Picture Editing: Carlos Barcelo
Sound Editing: Ronnie Calderon
Music: Avi Belleli
Production: Uri Rosenwaks
Festivals: Jerusalem
Support: Channel 1 (Israel), The New Israeli Foundation for Cinema & TV

2/9, 21:00
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International Women's Film Festival
Back and Forth,  Yusra Abu Kaff, Kamla Abu Zeila, Morad Alfrawn, May Alfrawna
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