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Shooting Women

USA, 2008

For 6 years, the documentary filmmaker Alexis Krasilovsky followed the lives of over 50 camerawomen: from journalists risking their lives in war zones, to feature DP’s, shooting armed men escaping in slow motion; from secret films by camerawomen of the Taliban to historic footage by China’s first camerawoman of Mao’s travels through the Chinese countryside; from the narrative of a Russian filmmaker who filmed the fall of the Soviet Union to rural India, where subsistence-level women are taught camerawork as a means of empowerment. Shooting Women reveals the history of camerawomen around the world and brings a world of beauty, courage and technical skill to the screen. The film celebrates not only the survival of pioneer camerawomen in a men’s territory, but also the young generation of camerawomen, advancing a new vision.

Documentary  | Video  |  53   Minutes  |  Color  |  English, German, Spanish, French, Japanese, English subtitles  |  Official Site

Screenplay: Alexis Krasilovsky
Cinematography: Erika Addis, Michelle Crenshaw, Kristin R. Glover, Yoshiko Osawa, Eva Testor
Editing: Katey Bright
Production: Alexis Krasilovsky
Festivals: DOXA, Istanbul
Source: Alexis Krasilovsky, USA

11/9, 13:00
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International Women's Film Festival
Shooting Women,  Alexis Krasilovsky
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