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UK, 1992

The writer Judith Katzir presents the film Orlando:
is the story of one who lives 400 years, first as a man and then as a woman. As a young nobleman, Orlando accepts grace and property from Queen Elizabeth the First. When she dies, he falls madly in love with a Russian princess who leaves him heartbroken. As ambassador in the deserts of central Asia during war he refuses to kill or be killed and his sex changes. As a woman, Orlando returns to the formal salons of 18th century London and discovers she has two options – to marry or to lose all her property. In the era of Victorian corsets she meets the man of her dreams, but loses both love and property. Finally Orlando reaches the present – fast and loud 20th century. She loses everything but finds herself and becomes a poet. Sally Potter adapted Virginia Wolf's masterpiece into breathtaking cinema, allowing the viewers to watch and experience the changes of society along the years while ironically exposing women's depression changing its form from time to time.

Fiction  | 35 mm  |  93   Minutes  |  Color  |  English, Hebrew subtitles

Screenplay: Sally Potter, based on the novel Orlando by Virginia Woolf
Cast: Tilda Swinton, Quentin Crisp
Cinematography: Aleksei Rodionov
Editing: Hervé Schneid
Production: Christopher Sheppard
Source: 6 Sales, Spain

9/9, 19:00
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Orlando,  Sally Potter
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