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Grown Ups

France/Sweden, 2008

Each summer, Albert and his daughter Jeanne go on an educational trip in a European country. Since her mother abandoned her as a child, Albert has been raising Jeanne alone. For her 17th birthday he chooses to visit Sweden, looking for the lost treasure of the famous Viking Johannes Öberg. However, when they reach the house Albert has rented in advance, his plans are disrupted as it is occupied by two young women: Anika and Christine. The weird foursome spends together an unforgettable summer that leads to discoveries and emotional storms. It is a delicate and beautiful film about growing up, focusing on the relationship between a daughter and her father and spurring all characters to find love.

Fiction  | 35 mm  |  84   Minutes  |  Color  |  French, Swedish, English & Hebrew subtitles

Screenplay: Anna Novion, Béatrice Colombier, Mathieu Robin
Cast: Jean-Pierre Darroussin, Anaïs Demoustier, Judith Henry
Cinematography: Pierre Novion
Editing: Anne Souriau
Production: Christie Molia
Festivals: Cannes, Athens
Source: Memento Films, France

12/9, 17:00
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Screened with the films:
Spending the Night

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Grown Ups,  Anna Novion
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